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Rasa Royal
“Royal” translate as “People who are standing on top of the pyramid” as it direct related to the English wording “Royal” at the same time.
Simply bring out the meaning of
“The Best Taste For You”
For more than 14 years ( Since 2009 ) of experiences in industry, we’ve been committed to helping businesses run better, improving the lives of our employees, and growing the communities we call home.
“Rasa” in Bahasa Malaysia translate as “Taste”

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People At The Core
1. Driving Opportunity
While talent may be universal, opportunities are not. One of our key purposes is to provide opportunity to those who are underserved or otherwise ignored.
2. Personality At Work
Going to work shouldn’t mean giving up your personality; it should be just as much about personal growth as about professional success. We make room for both.
3. Embracing Talent, Not Credentials
We hire people for their potential, not the schools they attended. Instead, we offer candidates the chance to discover new skills and grow professionally.
4. Long-term Investment In People
The best teacher is time, hands-on training, and the ability to explore different roles. We give employees the space and flexibility to discover for themselves how to drive value at Rasa Royal.
5. Finding Your Life’s Work
When work is instilled with purpose and passion for decades, it becomes one’s life’s work. Invested for the long term, we cultivate people who truly believe in what they do.

” To run a successful company, you first have to build a community of people with shared purpose and clear vision. The employees you hire, where they come from, what their backgrounds are, and how you treat them, define your organisation more than any product you build or service you provide. At Rasa Royal, we place our people at the centre of every decision we make. “

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2021 June
2023 February

Values & Convictions
1. Principles Before Profits
Business profitability means nothing if we are morally bankrupt. Driven by strong, deeply-held principles, we want to focus on serving the greater good, not just the bottom line.
2. The Limits Of “Measurement”
Not everything that can be measured should be. Not everything that is measured is important. Intangible assets—like our culture, our people, and our passion—are what truly matter to us.
3. Prioritising R&D

We believe in building technology capability and knowledge capital. At Rasa Royal, R&D takes precedence over sales and marketing, and that’s how we’ve expanded our product portfolio, year by year.

4. Committed To Privacy

Convictions play a crucial role in making business decisions, and protecting customers’ privacy is one of them. As a result, we don’t use third-party trackers, we don’t sell your data.

5. Redefining Capital

We view capital as the collective capability contained within an individual or a group working for a common cause. Not in terms of ringgit and cents.


” Business isn’t only about the bottom line. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. When a company is built on good core principles, good company culture will follow. We didn’t leave our values at the door when we opened Rasa Royal; we sewed them into the fabric of the company. “

Sales Director

2023 February

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Do You Have Question?

Do you have questions on products, pricing, application or you need further information?
We will gladly be available at any time in order to help you.

Do You Have Question?

Do you have questions on products, pricing, application or you need further informations?
We will gladly be available at any time in order to help you.