This is the most common question been asked by our customer, how many unit of soft serve ice cream machine should i buy for my retail store? Our V300 Countertop machine is the most classic version we have in our machine list, V300 need to clean up every morning shift and closing shift during the operation day. If you expected a monthly 1,500 units sold for your ice cream business within a month, 1 unit of machine is good enough to cover the sales turnover, daily average for 50 units of ice cream sold. If you expected more than 2,5000 units to 5,000 units sold within a month, you will need to get 2 units of ice cream machine. And for sure the cleaning workload will be increasing as 2 units of ice cream machine will need to have more manpower during the cleaning section. Some of our customer having 3-4 units per outlet. Majority of our customer having 2 units in a store. The benefit of having 2 machines at the same time is to have a backup when one machine down.