This is one of the most frequent asked question from new operator, should i go for second hand machine while new machine can be costly to me. How we judge a second hand machine worth to buy in will base on few point as below:
Checking machine’s external part

1. The service log record by principle
2. Review on their daily operation for opening shift and closing shift
3. Warranty validation
4. Cleaning tools and equipments
5. and now it’s time to open the casing to check the machine’s inner parts

When deciding whether to buy a new or used soft serve machine, consider the pros and cons and what would make the most sense for your needs. Some things to consider are:

1. Do i need a machine for low volume or high volume?

2. Do i need a machine that is reliable for years to come and is backed by a manufacturer warranty?

3. What technology do i need in my machine?

4. When is the best time for return of investment for the cost of my soft serve machine?

5. Is the used machine as easy to operate and clean as a new machine?

Once you have considered your options, begin researching available machines. A used soft serve machine could save you money, however, make sure it is reliable and will fit your needs. A new machine may offer you peace of mind and technology that you cannot find in a used machine.