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Rasa Royal Edible Gold Foil

Rasa Royal Edible Gold Foil

Product Usage:
  • Apply on food surface such as lamb steak etc.
  • Apply on dessert such as macaroon, soft ice cream etc
  • Apply on art piece with special tools required such as special designed glue, gold foil brush.
  • Apply on Buddha statue with special tools required such as gold foil brush.
Shelf Life:No shelf life, just keep and dry and clean place.
  • Seal and pack in plastic bag

How To Use?

There’s many application to apply Edible Gold Foil. In order to increase your successful rate:

  1. Get Bamboo Tweezer or Gold Foil Brush ( specially design for gold foil, its different with outside normal brush )
  2. Do not breath too heavy or directly on the gold foil
  3. Always Patience
  4. Make sure your environment are silent and quite.

Application Video

More Info & Usage