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Rasa Royal Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

Rasa Royal Ice Cream Powder
( Suitable For Soft Serve & Hard Serve )

There’s 2 way to use Rasa Royal Ice Cream Powder

Rasa Royal 24k Gold Foil Musang King Durian Ice Cream

How To Make Soft Serve Ice Cream
( Using Machine )

You can find many places selling for soft-serve ice cream. We had been in market for over 10 years experiences with total invest for more than USD1m for our retail soft serve business in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In the past 10 years, our development team have gain full of experiences on soft-serve retail business, and also soft-serve ice cream machine, we been study, learning, discover the fault for machine from Italy, Korean to China and Malaysia.
We have met numerous of starter who keen to hoop into ice cream business. ( Especially when FamilyMart make soft serve become viral ). To be honest, ice cream business is not that easy as A,B,C. For sure we can make a simple graph by showing Step A-Z, and write a handbook to you how to use our ice cream mix, BUT DO YOU THINK THIS REALLY HELP YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS?!
We do provide Free Sharing to you on how to MAX UTILISE our ice cream powder on your business. It’s FREE! Trust Me! We would like to help you hand-by-hand as we know every case study, every business have their own unique selling point. It’s impossible to apply 1 technic for the whole year thru out your business model.
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and here is the example graph for making MILO Soft Serve Ice Cream.

ice cream 1

How To Make Green Tea Hard Serve Ice Cream ( Without Machine )

how to make hard serve ice cream rasa royal
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