The 3 important ways of sugar in ice cream powder!

I had been listen lots of demand regarding the sweetness level for soft serve ice cream.

Especially when they are selling ice cream which made from raw material such as Gula Melaka Ice Cream, Gula Apong Ice Cream, Madu Ice Cream.

” Can you reduce the sugar inside the ice cream powder? “

” Why ice cream powder need contain sugar? “

” I’m selling Gula Melaka Ice Cream, sugar plus sugar, very sweet! can eat meh? “

Remove or reducing sugar does it help to solve the sweetness level of the soft serve ice cream?

This is a good question!

In a theoretical way, Yes! Just simply reducing the sugar and it will reduce the sweetness level for the ice cream.

But when it goes to the final outcome, they will realize the body form of ice cream and the creaminess will reduce at the same time.

So, let us share some technical knowledge,

the 3 importance of sugar in ice cream.

  1. Sugar adds sweetness to the ice cream

  2. Sugar adds body to the ice cream

  3. Sugar keeps the ice cream soft

The 3 important ways of sugar in ice cream powder!

The 3 important ways of sugar in ice cream powder!

1. Sugar adds Sweetness to the ice cream

Levels of sweetness are measured against the sweetness of Sucrose and are referred to as Relative Sweetness. Sucrose has a relative sweetness of 100. And all other sugars have values relative to that.

Most ice cream is far too sweet. To the extent that you can’t taste any of the dairy flavors.  Just sugar. But by using different sugars, we can reduce the sweetness of our homemade ice cream to create much more interesting and less sickly flavor profiles.


Madu Ice Cream

2. Sugar adds body to the ice cream

Sugars are mostly solids. And solids will obviously add body to ice cream. This body gives the ice cream a firmness that resists the spoon and the tongue. Ice creams with lots of body start to get a bit chewy, which may or may not be desirable!

Sugar also help to reduce ice crystal size by absorbing water in the mixture, so it can’t move about freely to join and grow existing ice crystals. So by increasing the levels of sugar in the mixes we can also control coarseness in our ice creams


3. Sugar keeps the ice cream soft

Sugar helps by lowering the freezing point of water. Regular water freezes hard at 0 °C. But when we add sugar to water, the sugar causes the water to freeze at a temperature somewhere below that.

The conclusion is, sugar must contain in ice cream powder. there’s some replacement like using Stevia to replace sugar or using another form of sugar such as Sucrose, Honey, corn syrup, Lactose, etc.

Sugar is an essential component of ice cream. Rather than reduce it or remove it altogether, maybe we should try to embrace sugar and appreciate it for the great contribution it makes!

It adds sweetness, body, and softness. And our ice creams would be bland, thin, and icy hard without it!

Playing around with different sugars in different combinations enables us to take complete control over the texture and taste of our ice creams.

rasa royal soft serve ice cream powder

rasa royal soft serve ice cream powder

Our new invention product! Soft Serve Powder Premium Base formulation!

We using other form of sugar to reducing the sweetness level in soft serve ice cream powder. The result best fit with ice cream that contains sweet raw material.

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