Why ice cream store business cannot lasting for 5 years?

I came across on vulcanpost.com website, article as below,

12 Sweet Spots For Every Soft Serve Ice Cream Lover In Klang Valley
which posted on 5 years ago ( 2015 )

Why ice cream store business cannot lasting

Why ice cream store business cannot lasting

so this article turns my curiosity as How many soft-serve ice cream store still in business at the year of 2020, yeeeeessss…after 5 years.

I have studied their business profile, some of the ice cream player been viral in many years back, Q up for 1 hours just because of 1 cup of ice cream.

so i decide to start my research thru google and facebook, from google map and business facebook profile how frequent on the last update.

the result was

1. 4/12 player still in business operation, which meant 70% of the business shutdown.

and wait….

only 2/4 still remain on the same location of doing business. which meant 50% have move to new location.
( Actually the rest of 2 which is IKEA & Nana’s Green Tea still on the same places )

in the last 4 winner, only 2/4 are focusing on selling ice cream. the rest of 2 are not mainly selling for ice cream. (  Yes! they are Ikea & Nana’s Green Tea )

Hence, I have concluded some points of view, the factor that affects your customer to pay for the second visit. ( Since ice cream is hard to comply with food delivery, so your customer still need to pay extra afford to grab your food )

  1. Location
  2. Menu
  3. Pricing
  4. Product Design
  5. Breakeven Point ( OPEX control )

I know those listed on above are COMMON SENSE for many of us who running a retail business for 3 years above. But trust me, once you done the study and research on the 5 elements above you will get shiok how big impact it can affect your business IF you didn’t put much effort on these. ( As you don’t wish invest RM70k for a Taylor Ice Cream Machine and endup listed on second hand market after first tenancy period of 2 years with the price of RM25k, i know its pain! but its happen every month in Lelong, Mudah and Carousell ).


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